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Got a rating and just want to "dance the skies on laughter silvered wings?" Do you want to take a friend or family member up to play amongst the clouds or simply enjoy the beauty of the area from the air? Need to get or remain current? Let us help.

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Emerson Aviation can meet all of your rental needs. Our fleet of rental aircraft is the largest in the area. We have a good variety of single and multi-engine airplanes including:

Cessna 172 w/GNS 530 GPS
Piper Aztec w/GNS 430 & 530 GPS

Cessna 172SP w/ G-1000 Glass Panel

Our rates are the most reasonable in the state. If you can't afford to buy a plane and don't belong to a club you may purchase blocks of flight time and receive one hour free for every ten hours purchased.

Aircraft Rental Rates
Cessna 172 w/GNS 530 GPS $135.00/hr
Cessna 172SP w/-1000 Glass Pan $175.00/hr
Piper Aztec w/GNS 430&530 GPS $285.00/hr
Piper Archer $135.00/hr






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