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Learn to Fly

“Can I really learn to fly,” is a question our students often ask first.

The answer is always, “Yes!”

At Emerson Aviation our instructors understand how to teach beginning students.

Why Emerson Aviation

Cessna Pilot Center

Emerson Aviation is proud to be a Cessna Pilot Center using the latest instructional aids. 
We’re the only one in Laconia and the largest in the state!

Flight Technology

By integrating new flight technology with the classic style of old school flying we specialize in teaching pilots-to-be the finer points of maintaining air speed, flap adjustment and altitude. The result is superior flight instruction with our 100% guarantee:

Advanced Training

After obtaining a private license, many of our students have continued on. Instrument, Commercial, Multiengine, Seaplane, even a Flight Instructor rating are all part of our training curriculum. To find out more about our advanced training programs.

A great instructor makes flying even more fun!

Fly with Emerson Aviation and soar towards your dreams! Our experienced instructors provide top-notch flight instruction, giving you the personalized attention you need to become a confident and skilled pilot. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced aviator, we'll help you reach your flying goals.

We have taught from ages 8 to 80. If after the introductory flight you want to continue, the FAA requires 40 hours minimum to obtain a private license, 20 hours of dual flight instruction and 20 hours solo. For most students it takes about 50 hours total.

Where can you go after training?

Some of our previous students have done more than just learned to fly at Emerson Aviation.

Some of our students have landed jobs in the cockpit for US Air, American Airlines, United Airways, Penobscot Air, Alpha Fliers, and Singapore Air Airlines.

One pilot is now flying for Caesar’s Palace out of Las Vegas in a Gulfstream IV.

We don’t make idle claims at Emerson Aviation. Instead, we prove ourselves every day.

We specialize in proving that with a little motivation and the right training, you too can be a Professional Pilot.

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