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Line Services

You can’t beat the fuel service that you will receive at Emerson Aviation. As you can see we have the best fuel prices on the field. We’re a Titan Aviation Fuel dealer supplying both 100LL and Jet A. In addition we offer a volume discount.

Fuel Services

All of our line personnel are trained in accordance with the Titan Aviation training program, have been certified by NATA and also certified by state and local emergency crews. Our new fuel farm, consisting of two 12,000 gallon tanks, enables us to give the most reasonable fuel prices in the area.

100 LL - Self & Full Service    

Jet A and Jet A+ Additive


De-Icing and Hanger Services

New for 2021, Emerson Aviation now offers aircraft deicing with either Heated Type I or anti-icing Type IV fluids. We are the only FBO to provide both at KLCI. With our new  Premier MT35P18 boom truck deicer, we are able to reach the most highest and difficult areas of your aircraft to give you that peace of mind on takeoff during inclement weather. And as the Airport snow removal contractor, were also able to ensure a contaminated free runway for your arrival and departure.

Also new for 2021 we have added a brand new hanger!

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